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Aleph Zero Staking

Stake to protect network security and earn $AZERO tokens

Staking in the $AZERO network is essential to protect network security. The Aleph Zero network is operated by validator node-runners like StakeSafe who participate in the consensus on transactions and code run on the network.

As an $AZERO staker you delegate your tokens to validator node-runners and instantly receive rewards for your participation of making the network safe. Its therefore essential to choose your validators wisely since because in case a validator does not perform up to standard, your stake (rewards) might be penalized for incorrect consensus or downtime.

StakeSafe is your trusted, experienced and professional partner for staking. We offer full transparency in our operations and our staking services are completely non-custodial. Start staking with us today!

We have extensive experience in running nodes on other Proof-of-Stake networks and more recently the Aleph Zero Testnet. To ensure the highest possible uptime and availability we operate multiple servers and have fallback plans in place in case the they are needed.

Build now and enjoy later

Staking in the Aleph Zero network can be very profitable. The yield of your stake can go up to 15% per year depending on how much $AZERO tokens are staked on the network relative to your own stake.

Be sure to be ready at the 1st of December when community validators will be available at the Aleph Zero Mainnet.

We have been involved into running nodes for the Aleph Zero network since the beginning of the testnet. The team of StakeSafe is experienced to run professional hosting services for years.
Decentralized performance servers
Our validators are running in different geographic regions to increase decentralisation of the network. All our nodes are running on our own hardware platforms.
99,9% uptime
Failures of our validators are fully automatically detected within seconds. Our backup servers are ready in case a validator goes down.

Aleph Zero Mainnet


1 $AZERO = € 0.3863


1 $AZERO = $ 0.4206

Stake your $AZERO tokens with us

StakeSafe Amsterdam Validator Address

StakeSafe Rotterdam Validator Address

Aleph Zero Wallet
To start with staking start the Aleph Zero Wallet and go to Network -> Staking -> Accounts
Add Nominator
Select validator
Select a StakeSafe validator and click Bond & Nominate. You need to confirm this transaction with your password.

StakeSafe is operated by a team of Dutch IT professionals. We love to keep up our stake service 24/7 for our stakers and our clients

Our goal is to run the most stable, secure and safe validators to protect and flourish your stake.


Feel free to contact us on Telegram, Twitter or by Mail

Randstad 22 129
1316BW Almere
The Netherlands

Kamer van Koophandel /
Chamber of Commerce: #83191526
“Imagine an infinite scalable DLT network which makes DeFi available for everyone. When I found out about DeFi I could finally combine my passion for both IT and finance and I f ounded StakeSafe. We are here to support the networks and be part of this great journey.”
Bart Roozeboom CEO and founder of StakeSafe
“I have been following the RADIX project for quite some time and am pumped that we can finally stake our assets and contribute to the safety and growth of the RADIX network. Key requirements for a validator for me are; Trust, competence and transparency. I am happy that I have found a Staking professional that ticks all these boxes so I can stake my stack without any worries.”
Maarten van Soest Freelancer IT and crypto investor
“As an IT specialist I love to improve the nodes and the network of StakeSafe to run optimal and with as little downtime as possible.”
Jeremiaha Francees Network Engineer
StakeSafe, Randstad 22 129, 1316 BW Almere, The Netherlands